Region 4A MRC
Public Health Emergency Response
Our Mission: To provide public health volunteer medical services that supplement existing resources in case of disaster
Massachusetts fastest growing Medical Reserve Corps



MA Repsonds

MA Responds is the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's online registration system for health volunteers. MA Responds is part of a nationwide effort to quickly identify, verify, and mobilize volunteers for effective response. More information in this brochure PDF icon

Training Video

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Applying ICS to an EDS Clinic
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The Medical Reserve Corps is sponsored by the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General. The United States is divided into 10 National MRC regions, each of which is divided further into state and local level MRC units. The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) more

Massachusetts MRC

In 2003 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts created regions throughout the state under the newly established Center for Emergency Preparedness. Emergency Preparedness Region 4A is part of that system.

Family Readiness

Is your family prepared for an emergency? Click here to obtain instructions on how to make a "72 hour kit". Everything you need to face three days on your own.


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Free CPR Class


Special Notice: MA Responds Orientation Course
An On-Line Training Module

This course provides an overview on how to prepare for and respond to a public health emergency or other event. It is intended to complement additional training volunteers will receive through face to face meetings with their local MRC unit or other volunteer group, other courses recommended by volunteer coordinators and "just-in-time" training provided on-site. Modules include:

  • Public Health Preparedness
  • Incident Command System
  • Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication
  • Personal Preparedness
  • Activation
  • Safety and Security
  • Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance
  • Behavioral Health

The course can be accessed at or by logging onto your MA Responds account. Click on administration/training and then scroll down to "MA Responds orientation course."